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Royal Stone Trading is a Persian business which focuses on exploiting extracting processing and merchandising of ornamental stones used as interior/exterior building decoration.

What is white marble?

White marble represents tranquility and clearance. White marble is used to cover the floor of the room, in order to make it shine. Somehow, it can be said that white marble is a kind of perpetual material.

There are a wide variety of white marbles all around. A plenty of great mines are held in Iran. The good point is white marble can be matched with various types of colors. Fortunately, the shapes of white marble fit into the shape of the place. Note that white marble can be used everywhere

Iran resources of stone mines

Iran has 3% share of the mines in the world, but unfortunately acquires only 1% market share of the building stone. This issue happens due to this fact that many producers sell their raw materials to foreign countries or use another country brand other than Iranian origins. As you see, this is the reason of being unknown except being the origin of the product.


.Different kinds of white marble

There are different kinds of white marbles that persuade architects to use them as covering paint of their structures. As a result, using a specific type of white marble is directly related to the place and the way it could be designed. Note when the white marble is used, its shape changes due to calcium. So, be careful to keep it fresh by looking after it.

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5 things you need to know when buying

1. Bianco Carrara

A kind of classic marble with gray shades and thin lines which is suitable for a variety of places like shower walls, countertops, fireplaces, and flooring.This kind of white marble is used for some of the world’s most famous buildings and sculptures around the world. One of the popular sculptures, called David sculpture by Michelangelo is made of this kind white marble. This white marble was also used in places like Siena Cathedral by Giovanni and Nicola Pisano, due to its blue and grey shadows and tender shape. Note that shining shape of this kind of white marble leads to luxurious version of places

2. Statuarietto

Crisscrossing grey lines mixed with a soft and delicate white is found on Statuarietto. This kind of white marble has shining white color, which makes it a precious stone. It is originally from Italy. As a result, you can see this white marble in prominent works of Italy. Not surprisingly, its usage is widespread due to its remarkable features. It is used for exterior and interior wall and floor applications, monuments, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool and wall capping and other design projects. The transparency of this kind of white marble is high, which looks like a thin coating over it. This versatility gives this white marble a very unique personality. Whether it is used alone or combined with other marbles and materials, the ultimate outcome is astonishing.

3. Bianco Venato

Bianco Venato is consisted of dark grey lines combined with light grey, which gives this white marble a splendid look. Due to its medium-fine grain, it’s a very well-known marble for interior applications. This kind of white marble is mostly used on floors, walls and also furniture veneer.

4. Blanco Ibiza

This kind of white marble is eye-catching and charming. Unsurprisingly, this is one of the most famous marbles of Levantina because of some special features like resilience, simplicity and brightness. The particle of this white marble is like the center of the Pityusic Islands. Due to its purity and brightness, it contains a wide variety of usage in decorative sector,such as floors, kitchens, fireplace, and staircases. One of the great advantages of this white marble is that it can be used for both exterior and interior projects

5. Blanco Macael

White gold is the second name of this white marble. This marvelous white marble is originated from Almeria. Natural and pure sense is transferred through its gentle color. The Blanco Macael is mostly used in interiors and exteriors. This white marble is also an awesome material for stone carving and used for statues and detailed fireplaces.


This white marble is originated from the island Thassos in Greece. Due to this natural and simple color, it can be used in different parts such as countertops, monuments, mosaic, exterior – interior wall, floor applications, fountains, pool and other design projects. A cool sense followed by tranquility is the result of using this white marble all around.

The most famous uses of the white marble


 This white marble is from Brazil originally. Its high and natural quality attracts lots of customers. The pattern of the surface is a mixture of water and twisting lines. It is suitable for both interior spaces and harsh weather external conditions. Note that the uniqueness of this white marble is as a result of the combination of modern and ancient sense.

Bianco Giulia

The appearance of this white marble contains white color combined with the grey spots. This modern, elegant natural stones is chosen by world-class artists and architects all around the world. This white marble transfers simplicity and purity. The grey spot is like a heart which floats under the Arctic ice.



The feeling of Gerco-Latin victory and desire for living is conveyed by this white marble. Most uers recall Greek atmosphere and the feeling of heat due to its special feature which contains red shadows.


The rich sources of white marble are held in Italy. Among them, calacatta is one of the greatest. This white marble is available in different ranges of size. Gentle feeling of warmness is transferred via this white marble. This white marble is frequently used in the kitchen or bathroom or as a covering surface of the floor. It can be used for walls, too. Unquestionably, Calacatta includes great qualities which makes it unique for usage. Somehow, the grey lines of it conveys calmness and tranquility.

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Mystery white marble

This white marble has been used for a long time. Remember that its lines which include different color shadows is the reason of its long-term use. It also can be used in different places like countertops, bathroom and so on.

White Himalaya marble

This white marble is similar to Carrara. It includes a wide variety of colors.

White Himalaya marble can be used in different places like kitchen, countertops and so on.

Overview of white marble

Marble is considered as a highly robust stone. Note that white marble can be just scratched by a metal blade. It is extremely valuable and scarce. Because of its outstanding features, lots of architects have desire to use it in their projects

Prices of the white marble

Among them, Carrara is the most expensive one. The white Statuario Venato marble is extremely precious. Calcatta is very valuable and has a very luxury appearance. Thassos is a kind of royal material which is mostly used for luxurious interior décor. Note that the best quality of white marble is expensive.

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The most famous uses of the white marble

Many countries utilize white marbles to build shrines or temples due to the ability of the them to reflect the light perfectly. Some of these famous places are as follows:

Taj Mahal

A splendid gift from Mughal king, Shah Jahan to his favorite wife. The domes, towers and palace are made of white marble.

Bust of Artemis

This Greek goddess of hunting wild animals and childbirth is made of white marbles too.

Lincoln memorial

This Greek goddess of hunting wild animals and childbirth is made of white marbles too.

Odeon of Herodes Attcus theater

Ancient Greeks made this theater almost 5000 years ago by white marbles.

The statue of David

This statue was created by Michelangelo during renaissance.